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Membership Rocket ~ Turn Your Passion Into Profits!

We build “The World’s Greatest Cloud Hosted Unique Membership Sites” that have ever been Unleashed To The World!!!

Your membership portal website is essentially an ambassador for you and your business online. Our membership portals are custom designed to help your members to be successful and ecstatic about being a member of your membership site.  Each membership website portal is specifically designed to keep your members engaged and hungry for more of your products and services!

A membership portal website is an incredibly important investment and one that can provide incredible ROI if you get it right.

We custom design our membership portal websites:

  • To be a dependable content delivery platform allowing you to focus on developing excellent content for your courses and products.

  • To be beautiful and highly profitable

  • With custom designs to match the product and/or services that you are marketing

  • That boost leads and conversions

  • With custom sales pages

  • To track your membership

  • To build your list

  • To track page views

  • To track video Views

  • To {cbt-quote}Upsell{cbt-quote} products within the membership

  • To track video Views

  • To gain organic sales with a custom designed, built-in affiliate system

  • To promote training and marketing videos

  • With Member Dashboards

  • With monetization for your other products and services

  • With Ad Banners & Tickers

  • With encouragement and return value using Gamification, Goal Blocks and Action Blocks

  • With built in SMTP Email relay

  • With integrated Auto-Responder

  • With automated license and/or download emails

  • With integrated communications

  • With built in Video Player with tracking and Video Link Masking

  • To allow for secure product downloads with link masking

  • With secure payment gateway integration

  • With DropBox & Amazon S3 Integration

  • With payment provider integration

  • For Fast Loading

  • That are fully mobile optimized and accessible from any mobile device

Gamification Keeps Your Members Engaged!!!

Our “Gamification” allows you to issue badges and points to your members when they take action. Set goals and tasks and the badges will be automatically awarded when the set milestones are completed. Our sites will even keep track of these points automatically. Your members are also able to receive rewards when they receive their badge.

These rewards are determined by you! This will keep your members coming back again and again, keeping your members engaged and ensuring they are learning a lot, and can be making you a lot more money in the process! Our membership sites Keep Members Happy! You can automatically award badges when your customer:

  • Watches Videos

  • Downloads resources

  • When someone comments, you can automatically add points to them.

  • When your member likes a comment

Gain More Members With Our Built In Affiliate System!

With our built-in affiliate system, you will gain more members and visibility on your page. Track how often you have reached out to people to promote your site. Our sites eliminate the complication of tracking the sales from the reference or to credit your student for the same.

Share unique affiliate links and automatically track which one of your member has brought the sale. Track your sales from the affiliate dashboard and check out the numbers on real time. Managing your affiliates never got this easier.

We Help You Reach The World With Any Language!

We can build your site out in any language including support for Cyrillic, Devanagari and also all the RTL (Scripts with Right to Left like arabic, hebrew etc.)! Every one of your Memberships sites can be in a different language now so you can target global markets too!

Payments Are Paramount!

We can integrate with numerous popular payment systems!  Our system is set up to help your customers check out, join your membership, conduct re-billing, and on that rare occasion, cancellation, using one of many popular, integrated funnels and payment systems!

We Want To Earn Your Respect, Not Just Your Business!

We Want To Earn Your Respect, Not Just Your Business!  This is why we want to help you to be successful!  We work to cultivate your business success and our long term relationship!

Over 20 years of business, marketing, web development and membership site experience has gone into designing our Membership site methodology which is patent pending.

We care about your success and provide the best support in the marketplace!

Bring Us Your Membership And We Will Help You To Rock-It!

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